/ focus

While NADC has its roots in New York City, we also focus on emerging markets throughout the state. We invest in upstate New York, from the Capital District (Albany, Troy, Saratoga Springs) to the Hudson Valley.
Our philosophy, concepts and approach fit the needs of the urban innovative development communities in downstate and upstate New York. We make a difference but, equally important, we aim to derive the best financial returns possible for our projects.

/ development

NADC creates high quality, high value residential and mixed-use products. We believe that urban design and architecture can create value in itself, both for the buyer/tenant and the developer. All of our projects are sustainable, environmentally sensitive, and socially responsible; a tradition we bring from the Netherlands.

NADC is in control of the entire development process: site identification, brokerage, market analysis, financing, partnerships, entitlement process, design process, permits & approvals, construction and marketing & sales.

/ consultancy

NADC provides real estate consulting services assisting the public sector and private development community in the planning and execution of significant development projects, nationally and internationally. Our expertise lies in defining and managing the implementation of development concepts for mixed-use districts, redevelopment of underutilized properties and water- and riverfronts, and revitalization and expansion of affordable housing stock. We specialize in building partnerships and coalitions among public, private and civic partners around innovative development plans. We always seek to explore new frontiers to advance our ideas, approaches and expertise.

Specifically, NADC offers three types of consultancy services: (1) Project Development such as Opportunity Assessment, Concept and Programming, Market Feasibility Studies, (2) Process Development such as Process Management, Master Plans, Risk Analysis, Neighborhood Branding Strategies, Community Outreach and Coordination of Request For Proposals, and (3) International Services such as International Consulting, Development and Investment Teams, Investment Opportunities Analysis and Best Practices.

/ credentials

Our consultants are experts in providing market feasibility analysis, strategic planning, public/private development and investment advisory services, and development program management, among other core professional interests.

A brief selection of our US clients:
Our participants in the New Amsterdam Waterfront Exchange: Regional Plan Association, New York City Planning Commission, Mayor's Office, Environmental Protection Agency, Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, Community Independence Foundation, Brooklyn Planning Office, Avalon Bay Communities, Levine Builders, BFC Construction, Coalco, the New York City Office of the Public Advocate, Collegiate Church Corporation, Urban Land Institute, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

A brief selection of our Dutch clients:
CityCorp, a coalition of seven housing corporations (Com Wonen, Stichting Humanitas, PWS Rotterdam, De Nieuwe Unie, Stichting Ouderenhuisvesting Rotterdam, Stadswonen and Woningbedrijf Rotterdam), Ministry of VROM, Het Oosten, De Principaal B.V., City of Amsterdam, New Deal, Blauwhoed, Bouwfornds MAB, ING Real Estate, BPF Bouwinvest.