/ New York Investment Opportunities

 The New York real estate market offers potential for (Dutch) investors. A large quantity of new development condominium and cooperative apartments seem to be the legacy from the economic heydays that ended three years ago. The consumer’s degree of pessimism during the challengeable economic times made homeowners become thriftier. The increase in apartment supply and lack of thoroughness has put downward pressure on housing prices. The decline in housing prices led simultaneously to a relative increase in rentals. Falling housing prices and incremental interest in rentals, offer perspective for long run residential investment opportunities. NADC performs a case study requested by Dutch private investors with the means to identify viable residential investment objects in the boroughs Brooklyn and Manhattan.

location: New York
date of completion: (current project)

/ living downtown: Rotterdam city center

Following the devastation of the 1940-bombing, Rotterdam has completely rebuilt its downtown into a modern office and retail district. Today, however, its dominant economic function has raised concerns about livability and sustainability. NADC was asked to investigate the feasibility and create a concept program for a new Community Services Center in the area.

client: CityCorp
location: Rotterdam
date completion: 01 | 12 | 2007

[project sheet]

/ development strategy Pompenburg

The Hofplein Station is an important part of the elevated rail-track in Rotterdam. The area around the station has to become an attractive and dynamic place, comparable to what it used to be in the early 1900's. An area with public functions that connects Rotterdam Noord and the Hofpleinlijn to downtown Rotterdam. NADC is creating a strategy to redevelop and innovate this area.

client: Hofbogen BV, VOF Hofplein, NS Poort
location: Rotterdam
date completion: (current project)

/ housing opportunities

CityCorp is a partnership of several Rotterdam-based housing associations. It aspires more residential and mixed-use development in downtown Rotterdam and its adjacent communities to strengthen the quality of life. CityCorp has found few housing opportunities for middle class citizens. NADC was asked to research several locations for redevelopment, based on a city plan by Adriaan Geuze (West 8).

client: CityCorp
location: Rotterdam
date completion: 01 | 31 | 2007

/ Trans)Forte

Partnership Trans)Forte strives to improve the mixed use character of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport area. Main target is to improve the conditions for international business opportunities by developing high quality and innovative housing and offices. NADC contributes in consulting and proces management.

client: Trans)Forte (Woonmaatschappij, Eigen Haard, Van der Leij Groep)
location: Schiphol regio
date completion: 12 | 01 | 2006

/ real estate strategy Catharina Stichting

The Catharina Stichting offers several health care amenities, senior citizen care in particular, to the city of Westvoorne. Before developing a new complex, the Catharina Stichting hired NADC to investigate the feasibility and development strategy. NADC analyzed all opportunities and risks and identified a range of possible development partners.

client: Catharina Stichting
location: Brielle - Rockanje
date completion: 01 | 01 | 2006

/ Hofbogen: transformation Hofpleinlijn

The Hofpleinviaduct in Rotterdam is an elevated rail-track that will become available for reuse in a couple of years. Hofbogen BV wants to transform the object in public space and create a new identity in Rotterdam Noord. NADC assisted Hofbogen BV to purchase the rail-track and develop a reuse strategy.

client: Hofbogen BV (Com.Wonen, PWS, Stadswonen, Vestia)
date completion: 12 | 13 | 2005
location: Rotterdam

/ affordable housing study

The Office of the Public Advocate, acting on behalf of the City Council, commissioned a team of consultants headed by CUNY's Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute to prepare a comprehensive study of affordable housing in New York City.

client: New York City Public Advocate / City Council
location: New York City
date completion: 12 | 21 | 2004

[project sheet]

/ redevelopment models

The Netherlands has several valuable residential neighborhoods from the viewpoint of historic preservation; entire ‘ensembles' are worthwhile preserving, but the units have also be made up to date for current customers. Frequently these neighborhoods are from a younger, pre-war and post war generation (thirties and early fifties).

Ownership of these neighborhoods is with not for profit housing associations and also individual private properties. Challenge is to establish feasible redevelopment strategies. NADC has developed a working method for redevelopment models. Main feature: balancing interest between historic value, market potential and financial feasibility. Over the last couple of years there have been pilot projects in Eindhoven (Philipsdorp) and Nijmegen (Hengstdal).

client: Rijksdienst voor de Monumentenzorg
location: Eindhoven - Nijmegen
date completion: 10 | 21 | 2005

/ expert meeting business models public space

stad en park
Financing and maintenance of the public space is a reoccuring (financial) problem for municipalities and housing corporations. NADC was asked to research alternative Business Models for Public Spaces in New York, resulting in an analysis of the business models of Central Park, Bryant Park, Battery Park, High Line and Brooklyn Bridge Park. After collecting all the information NADC organized an expert meeting on this topic.

client: CityCorp
location: Rotterdam - New York
date completion: 10 | 10 | 2005

/ best practices development planning

With the objective of redefined the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning & Environment current policy instruments and practice, NADC was asked to select, research and document best practice projects in the United States. NADC's selected 10 successful examples of urban redevelopment, regional/smart growth initiatives, masterplanned communities, and preservation projects.

client: Ministerie van VROM
location: Mission Bay, San Francisco / Arlington County, Virginia
date completion: 01 | 07 | 2003

[project sheet]

/ brownfield redevelopment

Only a few miles from downtown Amsterdam, and across Amsterdam's port areas, is the industrial City of Zaanstad, known for its Verkade chocolate factory and multinational supermarket "AHOLD." At its southern waterfront, along the IJ-river sits a 110-acre brownfield site (Hembrug) formerly occupied by an ammunition facility (closed down in 2003). NADC/DE LIJN was hired by the Mayor of Zaanstad to coordinate and manage the preliminary schematic comprehensive redevelopment plan.

client: Gemeente Zaanstad
location: Zaanstad
date completion: 05 | 13 | 2004

[project sheet]

/ rail viaduct redevelopment: Promenade Plantée in Paris

Hofbogen Partners in Rotterdam commissioned NADC to examine foreign redevelopment models for converted rail viaducts. The models are explored in relation to the Hofbogen Partners' involvement in the future reuse of the Hofpleinlijn and the Hofbogen in Rotterdam. The Promenade Plantée in Paris is a comparable project, developed 16 years ago. The promenade was developed on top of a viaduct which encompasses a series of arches below it. The arches, better known as the ' Viaduc des Arts', are rented to artisans and crafts workshops.

client: Hofbogen Partners
location: Paris
date completion: 02 | 10 | 2004 

/ manufacturing & design centers

NADC was involved in the concept development of Loods 6 & Loods 6.1, two centers specifically designed for starting manufacturing and design companies. The concept includes an innovative crossfinancing model allowing (temporary) low-profit cultural and manufacturing activities to be financed by the commercial activities of the center.

client: De Principaal B.V.
location: Amsterdam
date completion: 12 | 11 | 2001

[project sheet

/ CCC: Community Center Cool

NADC has been working with CityCorp, a consortium of several housing associations in the city of Rotterdam, to develop a multifunctional community service center in the "Cool Zuid" neighborhood. This new "Community Center Cool" (CCC) is envisaged to become the new heart of the community, providing an elementary school, health and senior services center, a day care center, housing program and tenant association.

client: CityCorp
location: Rotterdam
date completion: 06 | 17 | 2001

/ Amsterdam waterfront

Our involvement in redevelopment plan, which enabled this area to reemerge as an internationally acclaimed model for urban waterfront planning, included managing public-private partnerships (New Deal Borneo Sporenburg), monitoring the participation of community groups in the development process, and project management for the Masterplan KNSM-eiland, draft development plans for temporary uses of existing buildings (Oostelijke Handelskade), and loft development (LxBxH Steigereiland).

client: City of Amsterdam, d'Oude, Stad Stichting, De Principaal, New Deal
location: Amsterdam
date completion: 03 | 22 | 2001

[project sheet]

/ new downtown: Amsterdam South Axis

The Amsterdam Zuidas (South Axis) is one of the city’s most prestigious development projects. Due to the unique convergence of many transport routes and its proximity to Schiphol airport and downtown Amsterdam, it is expected to become the city’s new Central Business District. NADC advised a consortium of private developers on a housing profile for the South Axis including analyses of emerging urban lifestyles, housing markets and other development concepts.

client: Blauwhoed, De Key/Principaal, MAB
location: Amsterdam
date completion: 07 | 22 | 2000

[project sheet]

/ neighborhood revitalization

The Mercatorplein neighborhood was designed and built by the prominent Dutch architect H.P. Berlage in the 1920s. By the end of the 1980s, the area had declined and the community was plagued by drug trafficking, dilapidated housing stock, and neclected public space. Under the management of NADC, the City of Amsterdam, the borough and developers implemented a masterplan to revitalize the neighborhood.

client: Borough De Baarsjes and the City of Amsterdam
location: Amsterdam
date completion: 11 | 01 | 1998

/ Red Hook reconnected

Many sites in Brooklyn's Red Hook community and its surrounding waterfronts are the subject of investment plans and studies. With a great need for new housing and economic development, the Red Hook community needs to benefit from these future developments. NADC designed a strategy focusing on improving conditions for comprehensive development in Red Hook.

client: Independence Community Foundation
location: New York City
date completion: 01 | 12 | 2004

[project sheet]

/ creating a town square for Queens

NADC was asked by a New York-based real estate & construction company to constitute and coordinate a consultant team to respond to a Request for Proposal issued by the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

client: BFC Real Estate & Construction
location: New York City
date completion: 07 | 14 | 2004

[project sheet]

/ Jersey City market analysis & target group assessment

A New York based residential developer engaged NADC to help produce a mixed-use residential conversion strategy for 10.5-acres industrial complex in Jersey City: the American Can Building.

client: Coalco
location: New Jersey City
date completion: 05 | 27 | 2004

[project sheet]

/ destination Brooklyn

Mandated by a large dutch financial institution to explore ways to expand its U.S. portfolio, NADC analyzed real estate investment opportunities in Brooklyn. NADC surveyed the local rental and investment market for residential, office and retail properties that serve as models for investing in one of New York City is most exciting submarkets.

client: Institutional Investment Fund
location: Brooklyn, New York City
date completion: 10 | 31 | 2003

[project sheet]

/ new amsterdam waterfront exchange

Some of New York and Amsterdam's most extensive waterfronts
are currently being planned for redevelopment. Finding a balance betweenmodernizing the economic base, supporting new residential and commercial uses,creating access to the waterfront and improving public transportation requiresa public and private commitment to innovation and visionary planning. A varied group of professionals visited both cities exchanging knowledge and learning more about waterfront redevelopment.  

co-sponsor Regional Plan Association
location New York – Amsterdam
date completion 04 | 07 | 2003

/ Glenn Isle waterfront

NADC assisted Glen Isle in drawing a mixed-use program for the Glove Cove Waterfront that works from the perspective of the market dynamics, physical planning and architecture, environmental impacts, and financing.

client: Glen Isle Development Company
location: Glen Glove, Long Island
date completion: 04 | 01 | 2003

[project sheet]