/ High Line - Hofpleinlijn

 November 2003
CityCorp, a partnership of Rotterdam based housing associations, commissioned NADC to analyze outcomes of the design competition for the High Line, and how it could inspire similar redevelopment of Rotterdam' Hofpleinlijn viaduct. This brochure illustrates a creative and unconventional way of transforming the neighborhoods adjacent to the Hofpleinlijn. And, to the extent it contributes to the improvement of the quality of life, transforming the Hofpleinlijn viaduct itself as well.

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/ creative entrepreneurs

 Autumn 2004
Statement Magazine of ING Real Estate profiles Friends of the High Line and NADC's efforts to reuse historic infrastructure with a creative entrepreneurial approach in New York and Rotterdam.

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/ sustainable waterfronts

 September 2005
A two-day conference highlighting innovations in waterfront redevelopment, brownfields, architecture, design and sustainable policy. Speakers from the Netherlands and the United States presented their visions and views.


/ transforming the waterfront: trends in development, design and implementation

 September 2004
Ad Hereijgers speaks about the Rotterdam's port & redevelopment strategies at ULI Transforming the Waterfront Conference in Barcelona.

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/ world environment day

 June 2005
Frank Uffen moderated a Dutch Sustainable Development Seminar at the United Nations World Environment Day in San Francisco. He led a discussion about concepts and projects of sustainable planning and design, financial incentives and H2 City.

/ value by design: Amsterdam experience

 June 2004
Ad Hereijgers speaks about the role of developers, civic organizations and governments in facilitating experiment and innovation in urban development and design.

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/ implementing waterfront redevelopment in Amsterdam and Havana

 April 2004
Frank Uffen discusses Havana and Amsterdam waterfront redevelopment models in Lincoln Institute of Land Policy's Land Lines Magazine.

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/ Washington D.C, waterfront initiative

 January 2004
NADC's Ad Hereijgers and Frank Uffen join the Urban Land Institute Advisory Panel to deliver an action plan for Anacostia Waterfront Initiative.

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/ a tale of two port cities

 January 2004
Metropolis Magazine New York profiles NADC's involvement in planning and redevelopment efforts for the Brooklyn waterfront, including the New Amsterdam Waterfront Exchange with the Regional Plan Association.

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/ SoHo: built to last

 December 2002

As one of New York's older neighborhoods, SoHo has accommodated and adapted to changing preferences and needs, over and over again. NADC analyzed the urban qualities and real estate concepts of SoHo in New York City for several Dutch clients interested in the potential for developing similar urban neighborhoods.

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